The goals of our endeavors is that we can show the public how to decorate in an elegant but cost-effective way for weddings, formal occasions, birthdays, holidays, other special events, and your home, by following our easy step by step (picture by picture) instructions on all of our designs in this E-Book. 

We show brides how to create extravagant weddings and receptions on a budget.  On average this website saves brides at least $1,000 on their wedding. According to The Knot, weddings are a billion-dollar industry. Recently, due to our economic struggles, it's apparent that brides who are planning a wedding on a small budget have turned to DIY decorating for their weddings instead of using an expensive wedding planner or coordinator. We are here to help those of you who want elegant wedding decor at your event but cannot necessarily afford a $5,000 flower budget. We also show you beautiful ideas for decorating your actual wedding ceremony, ideas that you might see in a magazine but cannot execute without an extremely large budget. If you have any problems following our instructions, there will be an e-mail for you to contact us specifically for help or advise you have on your projects. It's like having an event decorator for the price you pay for the subscription. One time fee!

Happy Decorating!

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